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    Need Help Removing Items

    Geobop Level 1

      I have a PDF that has some extraneous marks I'd like to remove on a few pages. In addition, I want to remove a line of text that appears at the bottom of every page. (The document is over 500 pages long.)


      I learned how to open pages in Photoshop, where I can simply erase a smudge or use the paintbrush tool to use like whiteout. However, for some reason, it doesn't seem to affect the text at the bottom of the page.


      I've seen references to using the rectangle tool to simply create a rectangle with a white fill and use it to cover up things you want to make disappear. But how does it work?


      When I draw a rectangle around something, I either wind up with a box with a translucent blue fill or a red border - neither of which hides whatever I'm trying to cover up. If I right-click on the rectangle, hoping to access something that will let me make the red border disappear, give the box a white fill, etc., I draw a blank.


      Can someone point me to a tutorial that explains, step by step, how to create a simple white triangle that I can paste over something I'm trying to hide?



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          Geobop Level 1

          Also, I've discovered that Photoshop is of limited use. I was able to whiteout a couple extraneous black marks. However, it's very difficult to see what I'm doing, because when a page opens in Photoshop, the text is faded to the point where I can barely see it.


          Also, there's some text at both the top and bottom of one page that I want to remove. So I opened the page in Photoshop, created a new layer, made a big rectangle over the text, filled it with white, then flattened the image and saved it.


          When I go back to Acrobat, the page looks just like it did before I edited it.

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            Adorobat Adobe Employee

            Hi Geobop,


            Sorry for the delay in response.


            You may try Edit PDF option in Adobe Acrobat for this:

            Edit text and images in PDFs |

            Acrobat DC Edit PDF English


            Feel free to update this discussion if you need further help.