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    Flash Betas and - No Sound or No Video or App Crash

    stevenr84458382 Level 1

      April 27th, 2017:


      No Sound or App Crash with Flash Betas: and


      Problem Description: With SWF playback, last two betas cause "no sound" on IE11 Win764 and other apps on Win764, some show no video and no sound played.


      Steps to Reproduce: Simply try and play SWF file.


      Actual Result:  Either a crash or no video or video plays with no sound.


      Expected Result:  Normal playback of SWF


      Any Workarounds: No


      Hardware Info: Generic


      Operating System:  Failure on 64 bit Windows 7,  Perhaps 8 & 10 Unknown.

                                        Win 7 32 bit does not present any issues and works fine for both betas.


      Graphics Info:  Standard Video Drivers


      Frequency:  100% Always