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    Color inconsistency issue


      I'm not sure if this is an error with the dropper or the brush tools, but here's the problem:


      I select a color from within my layer, using the dropper. The color palette registers the color as c6e1e7


      I then try using the brush tool to paint within that same layer, but the color that comes out doesn't match the color selected in the palette. When I use the eye dropper on the newly-painted area, it registers the color as d6eaee.


      I don't know where the disconnect is happening. I'm on an iMac running Sierra, in PS CC. Based on a similar issue in another forum, I've set my display color profile to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. I've also saved the file as a copy with the same color profile embedded.


      I've tried using the paint bucket instead of the brush, but this returns a different incorrect color.


      I've also tried using the clone stamp, and that also registers a different incorrect color.


      Please help!! Thank you!!!

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          First - this is unlikely to have anything to do with profiles.


          Do you have any adjustment layers above that impact the layer you are sampling? If so, set the eyedropper tool to sample "Current Layer" or "Current and below" rather than "All layers".  If you use all layers then you sample the colour including any blending or adjustment above it - then if you paint into the layer with that sampled colour you are effectively applying the adjustment twice.