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    Adobe Acrobat fails to open document


      We have Adobe Acrobat installed on every computer in our office of 20 people.  There is one user that is unable to open some Adobe documents.  We've tried different versions of Adobe (Standard 10, Pro 10, Pro 11, even Reader DC).  Sometimes an error will come up saying that the file was damaged and Adobe will attempt to repair it.  It then gets stuck on a Rebuild screen.  If that message doesn't appear, the system just hangs - Adobe won't open. 

      After this, I can see multiple instances of Adobe running under Processes.  I ahve to manually end those processes and reboot the machine to get Adobe to even work again.

      What's odd is that the same "corrupt" pdf will work on every other machine in the office. 

      I have tried this fix - Resolve damaged document error when opening PDF files


      I have tried multiple different versions of Adobe - Standard 10, Pro 10, Pro 11 and DC Reader. 


      I have also tried removing all instances of Adobe and then running the Adobe Acrobat Cleaner - Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool - Adobe Labs .

      I then reinstalled Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.  I was then able to open the "corrupt" pdf one time.  Then never again.


      All the machines in the office, including this one, are running Windows 7 64b. 


      It's clearly something to do with this machine's Adobe.  Please help.