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    Reassociating .lrcat with files in new locations after move to new computer


      I had to move my LR catalog files and data files to a new computer. Originally, the .lrcat file and data files were on the same drive. But, on my new computer, they are on separate drives. Now when I open the .lrcat, I see the previews and edits (the metadata and previews) but the files are not identified by LR (on the folder tree there are question marks). I can Import all the data files from the new location into the catalog but there doesn't seem to be a way to associate the data from the new location with the original edits. You can't edit the .lrcat with NotePad either. So now what? I can't put the data files on a drive that has the original drive letter and directory structure as it was originally. Is there a way to reassociate the edits and data without recreating the original storage schema? I can't just give up thousands of edits.