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    LR shutting down, then restarting

    alpamgabe22 Level 1

      My Mac PBP 2011 has been shutting down and restarting while working in LR CC. it will work for several minutes then Shut down/restart sometimes several times then be ok for a while. If I don't do anything it doesn't shut down. Should I re-install a fresh version of LR?

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          A computer shutting down may indicate problems with hardware.

          Maybe the CPU is over-heating. Check air-flow and internal fan working.

          Are the video drivers and OS up to date?  Lr can work the graphics harder than usual which might be showing up the hardware problem.

          2011 is now about 6 years of use! Time to consider a computer upgrade maybe?

          Re-installing Lightroom is not going to help IMO.


          My Dell laptop (Windows-8) would close with a Blue screen (BSOD)- A graphics driver update (nVidia) fixed my problem.

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            alpamgabe22 Level 1

            Thank you wobertc for your response.


            I re-installed the latest OS MAC ver 10.12.4, and so, the Drivers  are automatically updated. The fans were indeed spinning fast at times and Mac genius say it's the system doing it's housecleaning/filing. They had no concrete fix and thought it would be software related because the problem is sporadic. I re-installed Lightroom as it was the only application open for several crashes and all seemed well until I returned to the computer a few hours later and it had crashed, then re-started after a few power starts/stops/starts. I’m now thinking it just might be the computer.


            Thanks again.

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              dj_paige Level 10

              What actions in Lightroom are you performing at the time of the crash?


              What is the CPU temperature at the time of the crash?


              Was the motherboard tested? Was the computer memory tested?


              Honestly, if Lightroom isn't running at the time the testing is performed, performing the same actions that cause it to crash, then it's a worthless test, because as stated above by @wobertc, Lightroom puts more stress on the hardware than most other programs.

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                alpamgabe22 Level 1

                Hi thanks for your input.

                I usually do global editing to one photo while the MAC shuts down and there is no way to tell the temp at that point,

                It has been prompting the fans to spin on fast while it decides what to do/start back up/or manual restart.

                When I was at the Genius Bar, said Genius said they couldn't tell if the motherboard was faulty nor did he say the ram was an issue. Disc Doctor said the HD was fine. I even re-installed a fresh version of LightRoom. Same luck!

                Now it won't even get to sign in.

                I have un plugged all externals and still no sign in.

                Trying 6th restart now going to shift/controll/option then restart and bingo it's alive. Perplexed.

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