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    How to solve 145 error during Muse installation

    Olivia Kendal

      Good afternoon to All !!! Could you, please, help me to solve 145 error which is appeared during Muse installation


      Exit Code: 145

      -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

      - 2 fatal error(s), 0 error(s), 1 warnings(s)


      FATAL: Error (Code = 145) executing in command 'MoveDirectoryCommand' for package: 'AdobeMuse2017.0.0-core', version:2017.0.1.13

      FATAL: Error occurred in install of package (Name: AdobeMuse2017.0.0-core Version: 2017.0.1.13). Error code: '145'

      WARN: Target directory already exists: 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Muse CC 2017\AMT'