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    PDF Convert to Excel not working properly


      The problem I am having is that Acrobat isn't formatting the cells properly. If exporting to Excel has seemingly random columns, then I can't actually use the data.


      Is there a way of choosing how the data is placed into cells?





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          hendrikg51812401 Level 1

          I have discovered that if I edit convert the PDF to a screen shot and then crop out all the confusing layout, that I can get useful columns and rows, but only on a page by page basis. So every page I scan has to processed by hand. The negative numbers are not being converted to negative numbers in Excel.


          In short, I am doing the processing of the data. It is actually faster for me to copy the document by hand into a Excel spreadsheet.


          In order for this to be a useful conversion to Excel, the converter needs to trim the blank space off the front and rear of the text strings and then convert the text into a meaningful number if the text indicates this is what needs to be done.


          I would like to cancel my service, how do I return the software and get my money back?



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            meenakshin83966505 Adobe Employee

            Hi Hendrik,


            Sorry for the delay in response.


            I have checked that you have already contacted the team to inactive the service.

            We would like to rectify the issue you were experiencing with the conversion of PDF to Excel.

            If you can share the PDF file with which you are experiencing the issue, we would like to check it on our end.

            I have sent you a private message with the details where you can send the file.


            Let us know if you need any help.