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    Unable to animate face


      I have rechecked all of my layer naming and tags.

      It works with some of the example files so I know my webcam input is ok. It does not respond to the mouse input either though.


      However, only the head tilt will respond. I get no pupil movement, eye blinks, eyebrow movement etc.


      It will animate the mouth when using audio.


      I cannot figure out what is wrong.

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          CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

          If you share your puppet here (or privately via direct message) we can take a look and advise...

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            DisjointedImages Level 1

            Thank you, I have messaged you a link.


            EDIT:  Augh!  I finally fixed it.  It didn't have the "frontal" tag under views. Checking that seems to have enabled responses on everything.

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              CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

              The problem was that you had a layer called Frontal which got the Frontal tag. But Frontal is usually a group of all the layers that make up the front view. You fixed it by tagging one of the higher level groups Frontal, which is fine (the lower level Frontal is ignored once it finds the higher level one). Another way to fix it would have been to UN-tag the layer called Frontal.


              When something gets mis-tagged like this it can be very confusing. Suggestions are welcome for how to make it clearer/easier.

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                DisjointedImages Level 1

                I think a checklist to go through for new character creations would be excellent.  Like a quick start / reference guide for general character structures.


                "Make sure X topmost layer has Y tag" for example.


                Otherwise the program is SO AMAZING!  I spent the whole day in utter delight making my custom character come to life. Thank you guys for the hard work on this.