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    Mystery: Catalog Opening Speed


      Hi - I have a performance issue I can't figure out.


      I have a catalog with 12,072 images that takes 8 minutes to open. The catalog folder is 3.52GB in size. This catalog was started in LR 4 by was updated since now I have LR CC 2015.10.


      As an experiment I exported it to a new catalog with NO Previews. This preview-less catalog still takes 8 minutes to open. It's folder size is just 161MB.


      I assume having no previews makes the matter of whether the original importation setting was for "minimum" preview or standard irrelevant.


      (I have a third catalog with 3,327 images that opens in less than a minute!)


      I am using a MacBook Pro (mid-2015) 2.5GHz i7 with 16MB RAM and 500MB SSD drive, running El Capitan.


      Any insight/help would be appreciated!


      Regards, TonyC