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    Cursor flicker's / system freeze's


      I have recently started using Captivate to record demonstrations of the software I work with. I have had to delete it and re install it after I had an activation error.

      Having reinstalled it I find that I am able to record a few minutes of the demo before running into problems. I find that after a few minutes into recording, the cursor begins to flicker repeatedly and the system comes to a stand still thinking what to do next. This continuously happens every time I start a recording. I have to twiddle my thumbs for a few minutes before I can get to task manager ad kill of the program and the service before starting again.

      I have since followed the advice of
      but to no avail. I have uninstalled and reinstalled captivate a number of times but still experience the same slowdown every single time.

      I use Windows XP running on P4 2.4 GHz with 2.5 GB RAM. My HDD has two partitions, one which is had no space left and the other which has plenty and this is the one I have installed captivate on and have set the working directory for.

      I am running out of options on what else to do. Initial setup of Captivate was without any problems but ever since the reinstall I have had no enjoy whatsoever.

      Would appreciate any advice or help given.

      Many thanks

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          jbradley88 Level 2
          Hello Azmina and welcome to the Captivate forums!

          Saying you have a partition with no space is worrying. I would try to free up at least 200-500GB of space on that partition before killing yourself with troubleshooting Captivate issues. Can you move some files between the partitions to balance the free space better?

          It could be that the Windows Pagefile is on the full partition and is running out of space during the recording, or Captivate may be trying the use the full partition for a scratch file... there's any number of things that can happen with a full drive, some of which you might never expect.