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    Need help with Flash - really basic!

      Hi, I really need help with Flash and fast. I have to create an auto-run cd but before i can create that, i have to make the whole thing work! I took a Flash class in College, which so 1 1/2 ago so im kind of lack knowledge!

      My first problem is as follow:
      I have the main page and it contains an english and french button.
      When clicking either button, it brings you to the next page, either resourcesFr or resourcesEn.
      I tried using the loadMovie script but and it works but the new page loads over the main page the you can still see the english/french buttons under. How can I fix this? I know its simple but im running out of time... Should i even use the loadMovie script?!

      My other problem is that im trying to have another button link to a folder. Do i use the getURL script for that as well?