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    Missing presets in lightroom


      Hi I am desperately trying to sort my problem which it I have some purchased presents that I've used several times before, however now they are missing from the left hand side drop down presets menu!!

      When I go in to my Lightroom Presets Folder and into the develop preset folder I can clearly see they are all there!!

      I have deleted them and reinstalled them and then restarted lightroom but still there not where they should be, very frustrating please help...


      Thanks in advance

      Michelle x

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Two factors that can cause problems-

          1. Catalog preferences has been set to "Store Presets with catalog".  This often means that Preset installers place the presets in the usual 'Global' location but then not visible to the "..with Catalog" location.

          2. The Develop Presets folder will only allow one layer of sub-folder. If you place, or have, presets in a lower sub-sub-folder, Lightroom will not show it.


          Can you post a screen-clip of the expanded folders that contain the presets showing sub-folders?

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            cmgap Adobe Community Professional

            Are you on a mac or windows computer?

            When you open Lr do you go right into the catalog or do you choose a catalog to open from a list?

            Do you have one catalog or many catalogs? Search on .lrcat to find out if you're not sure.


            If you've purchased presets the settings for Store Presets with this Catalog needs to be unchecked.