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    Movie followed by slideshow - Organiser?

    SteveH59 Level 1



      I am hoping to add a slideshow created in Elements Organiser to a MP4 movie project created in Premiere Elements (11) where they will be burnt as part of the same project to a DVD - that is, the movie will play and end, and then the slideshow will begin immediately after the movie clip and end.


      From the Help files, I understand that I create the MP4 file and save it. Then I create the slideshow in Elements Organiser (I note that there is no 'Save As' under 'File' in Elements Organiser), so this file, the slideshow, is always 'open' and unsaved in Elements Organiser, so to speak.


      With this slideshow in Elements Organiser open, and my movie project in Premiere Elements also open, do I then go to File | Add media from | Elements Organiser in Premiere Elements and add my (as yet, uncreated) Elements Organiser file to the Timeline in Premiere Elements?


      The MP4 file has the same pixel dimensions as the slideshow photos as I have resized them all, and all the photos have the same resolution (72).


      Is that how it works? Or is it better to simply add the photos to the Timeline and bypass Elemenst Organiser altogether?


      Thank you.