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    Photoshop tools reset on every click since new update



      - Shift+B-Keys to switch from brush to pen (since I do pixel art)

      - V-Key to move layer, or L for the lasse

      - B-Key to go back to the pen reloads the initial brush!


      Same for polyfon lasso vs standard lasso, gradient vs bucket etc and all other tools.

      It never returns to what you were just using, but always to some sort of factory default.


      What I have done:

      - Followed the instructions from someone with the same bug a while back (Tools keep resetting after update last night )

      - Reset Photoshop settings (shift/ctrl/alt) on start-up

      - Reset all tools


      Nothing solved the problem.

      Photoshop is no longer usable under these circumstances. A workaround is urgent, thanks.