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    Can't convert NEF files to DNG on disc version of LR6 nor upgrade it.


      I recently purchased a Nikon D3400 and the disc version of LR6. I downloaded the DNG Converter - didn't help. Downloaded the zip file for Camera Raw - no results.  My only option is to upgrade LR6 itself, but all I find is the "update" for LR CC. It seems that its having me install the entire LR CC program itself. I read where another disc user had a similar problem - Re: Can't upgrade my new LR6 disc - and it seems to stem from the confusion between CC and LR6.  I'm licensed for  = and paid for -  the disc & don't want to risk going to the subscription service (in retrospect maybe I should have in the first place..). It wasn't clear how it was resolved - only that the user finally found a rep who understood the problem & fixed it remotely.


      How can I resolve this? Trying to keep from an hours long marathon customer service experience if at all possible.