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    LR 6.10 update - error u44m2p28

    thomas olbrich

      I would like to update Lightroom version 6.8 on 6.10. I have the boxed version (so bought, not leased.)

      When I click on Update in the LR Help menu it opens the cloud cc app. There it shows next to lightroom: "up-to-date".


      I could find an updater dmg at adobe. This starts the installation of the manager app and quits after two percent. with error code u44m2p28.

      From Adobe I found several recommendations to solve this issue, none of them worked for me. (log out and in / delete a file in the user library application support). I phoned the support but he told me they would not help with the boxed version of LR.


      In the web I find for this update problem only a solution to uninstall LR completely, then to install 6.0 and then install the update. There are these contributions since approximately 2014.


      Is it nowadays in 2017 indeed still so that a boxed LR update works only with this strange method?

      Or does anyone know an alternative solution meanwhile?


      Any hint appreciated,

      Thank you!

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          oleleclos Level 1

          I had a similar problem (except my error code was U44M1P7) when installing v.6.8. My solution was to uninstall Lr (using the uninstall utility that comes with it) and then reinstall from a fresh DMG file.


          If you have registered your box-version of Lr with Adobe, as far as I know you should have access to downloads from your Adobe account.