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    vertical tabbar - format

    ethr Level 1
      Im working on a display using the viewstack + tabbar in the 'direction = vertical'. I have the basics working but the format is not what Im hoping for / expecting. The tabs are all the same color regardless of whether the corresponding view is 'active' and there is a gap between the tabs and the viewstack.

      I've tried a variety of alpha, background, spacing, etc settings but haven't been v successful in improving the display.

      Suggestions on where to look for more answers?
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Maybe some style properties? Simplified yet "complete" sample code so we can play around to find solution?
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            ethr Level 1
            Here is a snip:

            <mx:HBox height="100%" width="100%" backgroundColor="#DDDDDD" horizontalGap="0" >
            <mx:TabBar dataProvider="{viewStack}" direction="vertical"/>
            <mx:ViewStack id="viewStack" width="100%" height="100%" >

            <mx:Form icon="{subjectIcon}" backgroundColor="#FFFFFF" >
            <mx:FormItem label="First name">
            <mx:TextInput id="fname" width="200"/>

            <mx:Form icon="{subjectIcon}">
            <mx:Text text="one"/>
            <mx:Form icon="{subjectIcon}">
            <mx:Text text="two"/>

            <mx:Form icon="{subjectIcon}">
            <mx:Text text="three"/>


            -- the effect Im hoping to achieve is along the lines of what one gets from a std win32 app. The tab bar 'selected' item background is the same as the window that it selects. The other tab items are a different color.
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              ethr Level 1
              (Followup)Ive gotten much closer using CSS to format the tab. Still working on it.