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    Authentication Errors

      What would cause an error like this ?


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          lowspeed Level 1
          What's the purpose of this forum if there's no answers from either users or Adobe officials ?

          Anyone knows what's causing this problem ? it comes and goes.
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            You don't have to be so cynical about this forum...
            We try our best as users to help people on this forum, but we do not recognise al errors.
            This error you get does not ring any bells in my head or archive...

            Maybe you have some firewall issues? A time out error could indicate some problem in the communication between Contribute and the server your website is on. But it's difficult to solve something like this without online or on location support (you can get online support from Adobe support).

            Your remark about Adobe a bit strange cause at the bottom of this and all other pages there is stated:

            Important Note: These online forums are for user-to-user discussions of Adobe products, and are not an official customer support channel for Adobe. If you require direct assistance, or prefer to contact Adobe support staff directly, please contact Adobe support.

            Furthermore there are people from Adobe who frequently shine there light on subjects on this form like 'Alan' and other colleages of his.