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    Vintage Photographs


      I have a wonderful collection of ORIGINAL family photographs (many are formal portraits, but not all), dating back to the 1880s. Every person in every photograph has been dead for many years and was a member of MY family. Is there a market for these? Would Adobe consider this kind of content? I have scanned them and repaired obvious damage (I restore vintage photographs as a business.)  Thanks!


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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          A person must be dead for at least 75 years before you can submit an image of them without a release. You need to own the copyright to the content you are submitting which would be difficult to verify it sounds like. There may be a market for the images however it's not likely we would be able to accept the content without some documentation to verify the legality. In addition, the technical requirements are still going to be the same as if the image was digitally captured.



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            ritam16343500 Level 1

            Once again, thanks for a well reasoned reply!




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