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    I cannot run the JavaScript debugger by pressing "ctrl+J" combination of keys.

    JanAnglie Level 1

      My primary aim is to automatically restore the last openned tabs from the previsous session.

      I have 17.009.20044 version of AR. However thre are only first four lines as given in


      and NO section "JavaScript Editor" section.

      It just ends with "Show console on errors and messages", and there is no way to search for the .js files folder from JS debugger

      app.getPath(<folder type>,"javascript");

      as given in

      Instructions for Installing Folder Level Scripts (Automation Tools) and Plug-ins

      to include a .js file from the help

      javascript - Adobe Acrobat Reader Tabs Saving And Autoloading - Stack Overflow

      into the correct directory.

      The "ctrl+J" key combination does not work as well.


      What's wrong with my instalation of AR?

      Why I cannot run JS debugger from AR?