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    PS CC & LRCC ? [PS will not save edited file back into LR. Have to use Save As.]


      Hi Folks,


      Since doing my lastest updates on LR CC and PSCC PS will not save a file edited back into LR. I can only save a file using the save as function.


      I take a photo and while in LRCC select edit in with a copy with adjustments, PSCC opens the file and I make edits, then click on save. PS CC closes and I  am back in  LRCC with my original unedited image.


      Can anyone help me trouble shoot this.


      MY OS is  Mac OSX Sierra latest version 10.12

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I can't reproduce this.


          Save a copy with Lightroom adjustments splits off a separate file, with any Lightroom adjustments baked into the file. This second copy has an "-Edit" suffix to the file name.


          "Save" from Photoshop saves this as a separate copy back to the original folder. So now you will have two copies of the same file, in the same folder. Both are included in the Lightroom catalog.

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            D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

            I CAN reproduce this.

            However, the file is created but Lr treats it as missing. You will only know that if you search for it. Lr will show you where it is expected to be, which is in fact the correct location.

            If you look in the folder on the hard drive where the original file is you will find the derivative files.


            Importing with the ADD option will show them in Lr. or you can synchronize the older where you expect them to be.


            In my case this only happens when files are not on the local drive (iMac) or a direct connect USB3 drive. It happens when they are on the server drives. (synology 716) connected via Ethernet (iMac) or WiFi (laptop).


            It would seem the problem lies with the latest version of Lightroom (or I simply hadn't noticed it before). When I used the latest version of Lr and the Ps version 2017.1.0 the files place holder showed up but an indication of why it was missing is the filename it gave.

            From a file named IMG_8475.CR2 the resulting edited file was home/Pictures/2017/01/30/IMG_8475-Edit.tif


            In other words it had included the entire path in the filename. When choosing to view the file in the finder the Previous location was /home:Pictures:2017:01:30:IMG_8475-Edit.tif.

            The actual filename in the Finder is IMG_8475-Edit.tif.


            After these tests things started to get very messy in the Folders panel. The server volume showed up as a folder under a "Volumes" folder within the local HDD. after an image on the external volume was modified.


            So all in all. the derivative files are created as expected. They are named as expected. IN THE FINDER.

            Lightroom is not handling the exchange well by using the entire path as the file name.

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              jasdelta1 Level 1

              Well now I'm wondering if the fact that I am opening and editing files from my sync'd files folder is the culprit. Are these files residing in the cloud and not on my internal drive? That now might make sense.

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                D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

                Depends on where the Synced Files folder is.


                You have a choice via Preferences / Lightroom Mobile to select where Mobile Downloads are stored. this can be a location on your hard drive or an external drive if that is how you manage images. If that location is on a server, all above applies.


                If you are referring to opening the files from the "All Synced Photographs" location in the Catalog Panel then you won't see the derivative files there. That is purely a "collection"

                Right click (ctrl + click) on one of the images in the "All Synced Photographs" collection and select "Go To Folder in Library"


                This is the true location of the image and it is where you will find the derivative.

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                  jasdelta1 Level 1

                  Thanks for the informative reply. I'll have to check tomorrow and see, but that is what I've been doing is working with images within the sync' images folder, so if I understand correctly, that is why Imam not seeing my saved edited file. it is located in the actual location of the derivative.

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                    jasdelta1 Level 1

                    Thanks for your great help. I changed the location of my files in preferences, and moved the images from the sync;d folder to one on  my hard drive that I created. Now when I do and edit and save in PSCC the newly edited image is stacked as it should be next to the original.



                    Again, thanks!