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    After Effects Freezes on start up, Help!


      Hi guys, I'm a brand new user of After Effects and Premiere Pro. Well, at least I would be if I could open the program. Ive installed CC, PS, AE, and PP, and I can open PS and use it just fine, but if I open AE or PP the whole computer completely locks up. Curser wont move, key board does nothing, even the power button wont turn it off. Ive never had anything freeze a computer like this. I have to disconnect power and pull the battery on my laptop to get it to restart.

      Ive updated all my drivers, made sure everything is tiptop shape and it still does it. My trial is almost up and I havnt been able to try the program at all. Does anyone know whats wrong / what i can do to fix it?


      Thanks guys.



      Specs:  Lenovo Y510P | Windows 8.1 | Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU  | 16 GB Ram | 64-bit OS | Nvidia GeForce GT 755M Graphics card