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    Color Picker Problem

    DongLie Level 1

      So, this just happened randomly. I'm pretty sure I didn't touch any settings...


      Anyhow, the problem is that whenever I use my color picker, it picks a more saturated and brighter version than the color I chose. If my color is darker, it will pick a more saturated and darker color, until it is totally black. Can someone help me? I cannot find a good answer anywhere to fix this.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Could you please post a screenshot taken at View > 100% and with the pertinent Panels (Layers, Channels, Options Bar, …) visible?

          Is the active Layer an Adjustment Layer?

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional

            Do you have any adjustment layers above the layer from which you make your selection, or a blending mode, other than normal, on the layer you are sampling?


            If so check the sample options in the options bar for the color picker. Which to use , depends on what you are going to do with the color you have just sampled.


            Current Layer - does what it says and picks the color on that layer - ignoring the adjustments above or impact of blending on layers below. If you are going to brush back onto that same layer this is what you want so that the color will look the same.


            Current & Below - Takes the current layer and any below and shows the resulting colour at that point. It ignores adjustment layers above.


            All layers - takes the combined impact of all layers. This is great if you are then going to paint into a new layer at the top of the stack, but if you are going to paint into an existing layer with adjustment layers above it - you will effectively be painting with the adjusted colour then adjusting it again. So it will not match.


            All layers - no adjustments - takes the combined color from all layers but ignores adjustments


            Current & below no Adjustments - whet it says on the tin



            Hope that helps



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              tmyusuf74 Level 3

              Doing blending mode normal and all adobe Photoshop cc setting default. Then restart your adobe Photoshop cc, I will hope may be matter will solved