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    Interactivity With Flash Video

      I'm working with a university on a project related to interactive marketing using video. What I'm looking to do is find a method that a user can start a video and then during playback click a scripted button nearby that will base its action on where in that video the user is.

      For example, you could have a 3 minute video, the first minute being a flat blue screen, second minute being a flat green screen, and last minute being a flat red screen. This video would be some simple embedded .flv file. The flash file would also have a scripted "PUSH ME" button somewhere near the FLV video player. When someone started the video and then hit the button it would pop up an box or send an email (ect) that states "You've clicked on the button during the [RED, BLUE, GREEN] section." according to when they clicked the button.

      Would anyone be able to point me to a tutorial that might explain how to go about recognizing at what point during a video playback a user interacts with that video, or might it be a simple few lines of action script?

      Thanks for your help,