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    ADE account reset request


      Hi Customer Support,


      "I am getting the error 'Error getting  License: License server communication problem:  E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER' when opening Adobe Digital  Editions on my iPAD."

      This error message is a result of a several different issues:

      1. User has installed an Adobe ID on more than one machine ( Answer : YES )
      2. User has modified the clocks on their computer ( Answer : NO )
      3. User has modified their account from a "Do Not Authorize" to  an "Adobe Activated ID" ( Answer : NO )
      4. User has uninstalled and re-installed Adobe Digital  Editions, but the installation is not being completely removed from the  computer.  (Answer : PROBABLY)


      Could you help to reset my ADE account so that I could come clean again?


      Thank you.



      Adobe ID: gunners88@hotmail.com