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    Time reversing a layer

    Haugen Level 1

      I have a hyper lapse shot which a have stabilized manually, both vertical and horizontal. Now I want this hyperlapse to go in reverse. Easy enough, but when I reverse the layer I think the keyframes also reverse (or the keyframes stay the same, not stabilizing the reverse version), making the reverse version wobble. Is there any way to isolate the keyframes when reversing? Perhaps render it out as Prores, and then reverse it?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you have successfully stabilized your footage and you want to do further temporal processing (time changes) you have two options. Pre-compose and do the temporal changes on the nested comp. Depending on the complexity of the shot you may be better off rendering a visually lossless digital intermediate using the Render Cue and the Lossless preset in the output module.


          There are advantages to both. If there is animation in a layer, meaning you move something over time in a layer, then pre-composing is almost always the best option. If the layers are not animated, like using the Warp Stabilizer to steady a shot or stabilizing an image sequence by hand like you are doing, then it's probably best to render a lossless DI and use that as the new source.