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    Connecting custom webapp's user base with that of Business Catalyst's user base

    subhransu_majhi Level 1

      I am working on a web (browser based) application where the website (homepage and other marketing pages) is to be created using Adobe Business Catalyst and the platform (the actual application) is created in-house.

      The platform application includes the following :


      • has its own user base
      • OAuth 2.0 server
      • authorized Rest APIs
      • HTML 5.0 client webapp


      Now, Adobe Business Catalyst has its own user base which will manage user sign up and sign in functionality.


      How can I join Adobe BC's user base with my platform's user base (for e.g. the moment a user registers in Adobe BC, I want it to be added into my app's user database)?


      I also want a way to sync the login between Adobe BC and my personal application.