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    Various issues with Lightroom - please help if you can

    njmorgan Level 1

      Dear all


      I am a long term, fairly high-level LR user who has been using it since version 3, maybe earlier.

      Most of my use has been on a Mac but I recently returned to a PC for more power.



      Dell XPS 8910

      Windows 10 home

      Core i7-6700 @3.40GHz

      16GB RAM

      On board graphics Intel HD 530

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 (2MB)

      I operate on a monitor at normal HD 1080P, no higher


      Lightroom and its catalog are on SSD, Raw files on normal disk


      I'm having glitches galore.

      I have more than one crash a day.

      Sometimes if I click on a dialog or a button the software freezes, then my windows cycles between a static LR screen and the last window I had open, as if Alt and Tab were held down but vvveeerrrrryyy  slowly.

      I regularly have glitches when importing or publishing where it reports than some files were not imported/exported/dealt with (but not why)

      I get issues like the attached screenshot.


      I only have two active plugins, the ones I use daily, they are both up to date and don't seem to cause problems.


      I have tried switching off GPU support which didn't make any difference that I could detect and I have had crashes since.


      Camera Raw cache is set to 30GB


      Any suggestions gratefully received. I am a photojournalist and can't go on like this so will change software if I have to.