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    No Prompt to Upload Government Issued ID



      I have recently signed up to be a contributor on Adobe Stock. I understand that when you go to Upload pictures to Adobe Stock, you will be prompted to upload a government issued ID for verification. When I click on Upload, I get no pop-up or prompt to produce any ID. It says Drag and Drop Files or Browse. If I do drag and drop files or add them through the Browse option, the only thing that happens is a shadow on the left of the screen with a camera icon and a circle rotating around it and saying 1 Upload Remaining... Again no prompt for an ID. And the files never upload either, even if I leave it for hours, probably because my ID has yet to be verified.


      I’ve tried talking with people through the support chat option and they were unable to help me. Also in the Contact US form the Submit button doesn’t seem to work. So I’m sorry if this is the inappropriate place to ask for help, but I’m a bit stuck. Please can you help.