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    Can't move items!!!!


      It seems as though your update is a busy Adobe, no files are moving as instructed since I've updated. 

      Please fix this problem, thank you.

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi rd9859577,


          Sorry for the delay in response.


          As per the description mentioned above, you are unable to move files in Acrobat Reader, is that correct?

          Are you trying to move files using "Move" option under "DOCUMENT CLOUD" tab?

          Below is the screenshot:

          What happens when you try to move files, is there any error message?


          What is the version of the app and the Android OS installed on the device?

          You may refer to this link for the same: Acrobat Reader Help for Android: Troubleshooting FAQs


          Keep us posted with the results.


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            no that is not the problem.


            On my android tablet, I save something from the "Recent" tab into the "Document Cloud" then it doesn't appear in my document cloud on my tablet, but does appear in the document cloud if I sign in on my laptop OR if I sign out of the ap on my tablet, then sign back in.  Then if I rename the document that is in the "Document Cloud" the changes don't appear on my tablet unless i sign out and back in again.........it's like the tablet doesn't get ANY updates to the cloud at all.  It is very annoying as I use this for contracts.

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              Adorobat Adobe Employee

              Hi megans84470457,


              Could you please try updating Acrobat Reader by launching Play Store>tap three horizontal line in the left-hand corner

              Tap My apps & Games>tap Adobe Acrobat Reader>UPDATE and see if that resolves the issue?