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    How can licensing be recognized in the images that I've licensed?


      Sorry if this question has been asked in some form before, but this is something I've wondered about and have never seen a proper answer.


      Allow me to elaborate. I am a graphic designer and very frequently buy stock images for various client projects. I know that handing off designs that use stock images to a client is alright as long as the client continues to use the image appropriately in conjunction with the particular license terms. But once the design with the image is out in the wild, how can anyone tell what license the image has, or if it's licensed at all? Should I be constantly worried about hearing that a client is going through legal issues over using unlicensed images?


      I have way too many stock photos out there as it is and really do not need to worry about having to prove my licenses. Maybe this isn't really an issue and licensing only becomes a question once something has been used in a questionable way? I know that there are millions of stock photos in every facet of modern media, so I figure there is no way that it is constantly being questioned and prodded as to who has licensing to what, I'm just curious if there is any sort of process to this.