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    Lightbox problems on mobile phones

    pumadog Level 1

      Hi! We have lots of photo shows on our website, which is designed with separate desktop and phone layouts. I use lightboxes and until a couple of months ago (Muse 2017 update?) it worked well on both layouts. The displayed pictures had fixed sizes but fitted into smartphone (iPhone) screens. Now suddenly the pictures go way out of the smartphone screen, display far too large.


      Now I use a workaround with the fullscreen lightbox on the phone layout. It fits nicely but that has some disadvantages: The photo show thumbnails can't be grouped with other elements anymore and can't be moved on the working space, they appear like fixed to their positions. What can I do about it? What's the best current option for screen fitting photo shows for different displays? The website: k-konzept · Das k-karacho. Neues bei k-konzept.