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    Number Imported (Appears) Not Correct


      I just recently installed LR6 standalone for Mac and am having trouble confirming that the # of files I have imported is accurate. According to the Mac (Command-I), I have 13300 files & sub-folders in one folder and 4918 in the other. The sub-folders are almost all top level, so I can pretty confidently say there are about 90 sub-folders (all the rest being files) in the 1st and 60 in the 2nd. Yet, I'm realizing both in PhotoSupreme 3 (which I use) and in LR (which I'm new to) that I'm not getting the right number of files.

                       FOLDER A             FOLDER B

      Mac.           ~13210                     ~4858

      PhotoSup3   12054                       4727

      LR6               12123                       4661


      It concerns me that these numbers don't seem to add up. My files are 90% TIFFs, some JPEGs, several dozen MOV's, and about 4 MP4's. I've synchronized in both PhotoSup3 and LR6 and they claim they're all synchronized. At first LR6 didn't import the videos but I upgraded to 6.1 and then it worked (getting me to the numbers above).


      Any thoughts for how I can confirm more accurately if I have all the files imported? It wouldn't even be helpful to know if there an app for the Mac that more accurately lets me see the # of files & folders?


      Thanks for your help,