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    Vanishing Point - Changing angle of plane either crashes Ps or option is grayed out.


      Hi there, this is my first post, please go easy on me.


      I need to use the vanishing point filter for a very specific cause (to animate an image in After Effects). For this particular image, vanishing point is the best tool

      because the different parts of the image are structured sort of like a "room."


      The tool works fine, I get blue grids, but I can't change the angle of the grids which is making it impossible to properly match the perspective of the image.


      AE will only know what to do if I import a .vpe file that is created from a single vanishing point object, so I can't just draw new grids to get it right.


      When I try to change the angle, sometimes (often) it crashes photoshop, or changing the slider actually doesn't change the angle. Alt+dragging also doesn't work. A lot of the time the angle slider option is altogether greyed out.


      is there any potential fix for this?


      Thank you,