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    Lightroom and Photoshop updates feature greyed out


      A couple of weeks ago, I saw, while opening LR, a pop-up that an update was available but I dismissed it.

      Yesterday I saw it again and followed the instruction to use the Help >> Updates menu but the last one is greyed out.

      Same then for PS.

      I followed all these instructions (Mises à jour disponibles non affichées pour les applications Adobe Creative Cloud ) but none worked. Deleting the OPM.DB file is not possible since Win10 says it is locked by teh Creative Cloud application.

      I then uninstalled and reinstalled both apps. Apparently I updated PS from version 2017.0.1 to 2017.1.1 but still the updates menu is greyed out.

      For LR, I went from version 2015.8 to some unknown 2015.Release version and CameraRaw shows only version 9 instead of CC2015.10 and CameraRaw 9.10 and the updates menu is also greyed out. In addition to that I noticed that I miss some feature like the Dehaze slider in the Development menu. And I can't see the DJI Mavic in the lens selection and even I get let DJI options that I used to have with version2015.8.

      Despite having the Creative Cloud license for Photographer, I seem to have an issue and can't get the latest LR update. What is going on and how can I fix it?