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    Lightroom not responding

    snafu fange

      Four days ago I uploaded some new photographs; did the same this morning.  The photos uploaded and are in my photo archive.  However, when I try to open the newly loaded photos, only those from the first set will open.  photos from another six or eight sets will not open in either the library or the develop modes.  Photos loaded prior to the other day will open, but when I click on the new ones, nothing happens and I get a "Lightroom not responding" message.  I have optimized the catalog;  I have rebooted.  What else can I try?


      don roberts

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          dj_paige Level 10

          You need to use Lightroom terminology.


          What exact Lightroom task do you mean by "upload"? What do you mean by a "set"? What exact Lightroom action do you mean by "open"?


          What version number of Lightroom do you have installed? What version number of your operating system are you using?

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            snafu fange Level 1

            I am using Lightroom 5.7.1.


            By upload I meant that I imported photos from the disk I had in my camera to my photo archive.  I have checked, and the import worked; the photos are in the archive.  I import my photos by date, so by sets of photos I mean I have a number of groups of photos for each of the days on which I shot.  The groups of photos show in my Lightroom Library, but when I click to open them, nothing happens … then after a while I get the “Lightroom not responding message.”  Photos that were imported earlier will open.


            Does that help?