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    What are some ways I can simulate this glitch?


      I am trying to simulate a specific kind of glitch I see happen in a lot of miniDV footage. I think it happens when the record head on the camera used to record it is dirty. The effect I am talking about is the one where the footage gets divided into several blocky areas that seem to get stuck there for a moment, but not quite in a datamosh sort of way. It is kind of hard to describe so I will share some examples.


      In this first example, the glitch I am talking about mostly on the left side of the image, and especially on the bottom of the water. This one is also probably the best of the 4.

      dv cam satisfaction - YouTube


      Example 2

      Digital to Analog = Distortions and Glitches - YouTube


      Example 3. I already know how to do the horizontal lines of video in this one. The glitch I am talking about is the smaller blocks that appear.

      Banding and Dropouts - YouTube


      Example 4

      Mini DV Tape Error - What is Cause and Possible Solution?? - YouTube


      What are some ways I can simulate this glitch with my own footage?

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          Taverino Level 2

          I've used Damage from Digieffects for something similar. I'd start with the "blockade" plug-in and add others as needed. Free demo available:



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            sambi1546480 Level 1

            I don't have the budget for any plugins unfortunately and the free trial version watermarks the video with their logo.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There are all kinds of distortion effects in AE and some bad TV presets that can get you started. One of the effects could be kind of simulated with the venetian blinds transitions.


              You can do a bunch of things with displacement maps especially when combined with channel effects.


              Unfortunately, without spending some money you'll have to acquaint yourself with the distortion effects in AE and try and get creative. Most important - don't try and do everything with one effect or one layer. I don't have time to go through each clip individually and give you tutorials on each effect. I can only suggest that you carefully look at a few frames one at a time and try and figure out what is moving, then use the various distortion and transition effects to achieve similar results.


              To learn about things like displacement maps type "displacement map" in the search help field in AE and check out the help files and community resources.


              One interesting bad tv effect can be achieved by duplicating your layer, applying venetian blinds to the top copy and adding turbulent displace to the bottom copy, then messing with the controls....


              Good luck.

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