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    Photoshop Actions - Colors?

    eschelar Level 1

      So I noticed that the Photoshop Actions creation panel allows me to assign a color to the action. However, when I have added a color to it, the color doesn't show up anywhere in the actions panel. I made it orange. Nothing is orange...


      I thought this would be like the coloring for the layers, where I could add a color to the actions and help visually distinguish them - especially since there is no way to create subfolders for action sets... I have a series of around 22 fairly complicated actions and I would like to distinguish first-tier actions from second tier actions and third-tier actions.


      So what are the colors for???

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          Bojan Živković Adobe Community Professional

          Colors are visible in Button mode. Click on Actions panel menu and choose: Button Mode.

          button mode.jpg

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            eschelar Level 1

            lol, i've never used the button mode before. Looks dangerous. Clicking on anything accidentally runs an action. I can't think of any reason to ever use button mode - not as a guy who makes actions, nor as a guy who makes actions for other people to use. I would never want to use that mode for myself and I would never recommend it for someone who doesn't know how to use actions well.


            I don't understand why the colors are turned off in regular mode though. Seems like someone had to actually make extra effort to make the code work in a less useful way. What a strange thing to do.