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    Rendering/Exporting using too much CPU?


      I'm a super noob, and I don't want to break my fancy computer.


      I started with some footage in Premiere Pro, brought it into After Effects, added a green screen key to every clip of the footage, like 10 cameras (one for each, because noob and don't know better), and two layers to be a 3d background, and a light. So, I understand that rendering is going to be a long process. After Effects kept crashing so I took the composition to Media Encoder, chose my format, and pressed start. My computer's CPU use shot up to 3.5/3.3GHz. And I stopped the render after a few minutes and it hadn't rendered at all.


      I might be worrying too much, but the footage could take hours to finish rendering and I don't want to leave my CPU that hot for that long.