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    Some audio disappears on import (Premier Elements 12)


      I have Premier Elements 12 installed on my PC and am using Windows 10. When I imported a large (4+hours, 4GB) wmv file into a new project, I got audio for the beginning of it at first, but a few minutes in the audio disappeared. Also after trying some edits, the audio that had been present in the beginning went missing and there was no audio anywhere. I closed the program and re-opened, then made a copy of the original wmv file, renamed it, and imported it into PE12 (hoping any cached files from the previous project/import wouldn't mess it up) and this time no audio was present anywhere. I tried saving/exporting clip of this file from PE12 to see if the audio showed up in the saved export and it did not. I then imported 2 small AVI files taken on the same device as each other with the same settings as each other and stored in the same folder, and there is no audio at all on first one of them (in PE12), but the second one's audio works fine. More recent m2ts files import with audio so far. Help? Thanks.

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          dhananjays36801738 Adobe Employee

          Hi broccoli,


          Thanks for posting in Adobe forums.

          Let's make things simple.

          Can we try the following steps:

          - Please download & install "Format Factory" in your machine.

          - You can download it from here.

          - Convert the file you are trying to edit in PRE.

          - Make changes in your project according to your requirement.

          - Publish , Export & test the output file..





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            broccoli321 Level 1

            Thank you for your suggestion. I converted the file using Format Factory, but Adobe PE 12 freezes when I try to import. I've tried several times. It will still import the original version and the original copy but not the version that was created by Format Factory.


            What is Format Factory supposed to do? It does not change the file format (remains as .wmv), but it does reduce the file size. I don't necessarily want to lose quality (by compressing), as I'm going to chop this very long file into smaller pieces anyway.


            Any further suggestions?



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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Post screenshot of the large file in MediaInfo in treeview here on the forum.


              PE12 might be choking on the heavily compressed file: 4+ hours in 4 gig. That is a lot.

              On a side note wmv is not suited to be edited. Its a file format for just watching.

              Wmv is quite different from m2ts.


              I am not a fan of installing converters with lots of codec: they tend to mess up one's machine.

              There is but one I trust: HandBrake

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                broccoli321 Level 1

                As requested, below is the screenshot. The parts cut off at the top just show that it is .wmv. But please recall that I have had the same problem on a small AVI file as well.


                I had old home movies on VHS digitized by a professional outfit. This is what they gave me, and I need to break it up into smaller pieces.


                Ann's post mentioned converting with HandBrake. Please give more details - is this something I should download and try, and what will I be converting the file into?


                Please forgive me, I am an absolute novice at working with video files.


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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  OK looks normal.

                  Nearly 5 hours!

                  If you are having trouble with even small avi's you need to fix the audio problem first.

                  I dont think converting will help at this point.

                  Does your project match the file properties?


                  Clear out all media cache in the preferences.

                  Rename top folder the footage is in.

                  Make new project that matches the footage


                  See how that will go.


                  Please post screendump of audio hardware in the preferences.