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    Dual Monitors with different UI DPI Settings? (4K Cintiq as second screen)

    swalsch Level 1


      I have a dual monitor Setup consisting of

      1) a fairly large, non-high-dpi main screen and

      2) a wacom cintiq pro 16 (a 16" 4K Display, thereby very high-dpi).

      I'm on Windows 10.


      I have AE windows on both screens, but the UI doesnt scale up on the cintiq, leaving me with microscopic interface elements. Obviously I wouldn't want a app-wide scale up since my main monitor looks just fine. My current solution is to scale the cintiq up to 200% using the build in windows 10 UI scaling options, but that also scales the composition viewports content, footage window etc.

      So I end up with readable UI but a composition viewport that's not showing a 1:1 representation of the final image (it's scaled by a factor of 2 just like the UI)


      Is there a solution for me to see the high-dpi interface on one monitor only?

      How can I achieve readable Interface AND an unscaled, 1:1 viewport?


      Any helpful tips are greatly appreciated