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    Ancient Bugs

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      I've been using Lightroom since the first release. I'm currently using 2015.9 on Windows 7 64. It has a become a huge part of my workflow for cataloging, sorting, and global processing but it is the buggiest piece of software I've ever used. Would I be wrong to assume most of the development is spent on new features to attract new sales with little actually spent improving old issues for reliability? Here are a few that I've always dealt with...



      1. When you try to move or rename the current folder, it rarely works. If you select another folder, then rename the current folder you were trying to rename or move it, it usually works. But not today... So I guess I have to rename it in explorer, then run a synchronization on its parent folder or re-link it.



      2. I tried to delete all the rejected items in a folder. Of course, all delete except for the primary selection in the whole selection. I unselected that one and was then able to delete it.



      3. When you try to tag multiple items in Loupe view, only the primary selection in the whole selection takes the tag. You have to switch to Grid view if you want to tag more than one item... Why can you even select more than one if this happens??



      Why do these still exist??