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    Automated text in multiple After Effects projects


      Hi there,


      I'm working on a 30 second trailer for a project in After Effects, where animated keywords will flash up on screen during the video. This is fine and I can do this without issue.


      However my client wants this project to be translated into 15 other languages - that's a problem! Does anyone know of an automated solution, which would allow me to quickly replace the keywords on screen with the appropriate language text?


      Given all languages will be different, I'm aware that it's likely that even with an automated process, some texts would need to be tweaked regardless (ie there's no perfect solution). However I'm hoping to avoid the painstaking task of editing and removing the words one by one 15 times.


      If this was a one off project, I wouldn't mind, but we'll have to do this several more times in future, so if anyone knows/can think of a workaround, I'd be very grateful! An outside source will also be translating the words, so there's no issue with that, just the actual adding of the text itself.


      Thanks in advance for your help!