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    photoshop cs6 crash when using text tool with dual display


      i recently obtain a new i7 station with win10 x64 installed. since it is a workstation for 3d works, an ATI firepro w5100 is installed. when running single display, it is perfectly fine, but for duel display, i started encounter problems with photoshop.


      first off, since w5100 only has 4 display ports, and my second display is a vga, i have to enable to the motherboard display, so my 22' LG is plug on the w5100 and my olf vga is plug on motherboard, when i start photoshop, it came up with a warning windows that states that the display card is not support and when i go to the preference > performance, i see that photoshop detects no gpu on my system... i usually don't care if photoshop need to draw things from my onboard gpu, but the photoshop started crashing after 5-10 second i select the text tool in this condition... is there anyway i can enable the w5100 gpu while the dual display is on?