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    Use metadata to create a process in Lightroom


      Hi all.


      I have a question and I'm not 100% sure the best way to explain it so here goes.


      I have a file that has been previously edited in Lightroom on a different machine. I want to make exactly the same changes to other files I have. When I open the file in Photoshop and look at the file info I can see all the changes that were made in Lightroom in the "RAW Data" tab. My question is, can I use this info to make changes to other files? Like for instance could I select multiple files in Lightroom and apply this data to automatically make the changes in a batch type way?


      I hope I explained that all correctly. If not please ask and I'll try my best to explain anything that is unclear. I have searched for answers but not knowing the correct terms to use I may have missed something.


      Thanks for any help.