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    Cinema 4D and After Effects animation problem (object null for light not synchronized to the center) only if I use camera

    SanchezMusics Level 1

      Software: Cinema 4D R18 e After Effects cc 2017.1


      With Cinema 4D I made the car.

      With After Effects I want to apply a realistic light to the front light.


      In Cinema 4D, the machine is animated in a null object.

      Then I created a null object (for the light in After Effects) that I put as a child to the null object of the animation and it follows perfectly the animated path.


      The problem arises when I use a camera.

      If I do not use any camera, when I open the .c4d project in After Effects, the null object follows perfectly the center of the front light.

      If instead I use a camera, the null object is not at the center of the lighthouse and does not follow the animation perfectly, why?


      How can I fix it? I absolutely need to use the camera. Thank you.