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    flv netstream in mac presentation

      I have created a mac projector that links to various swf's. Each swf is a custom made flv player with controls etc. The swf's play the flv files using NetStream, (code attached).

      This projector is to go on a cd rom that will play on pc and mac.

      When I publish the mac & pc projectors, they all work locally. When I mount the disk image in toast, the pc file works fine, but the mac project won't show the flv file. It will show the swf player, but it will not show the flv at all.

      I am assuming this may be something to do with toast or a change in file locations, but I have checked everything I can think of, including re-locating the flv to the same folder or another, and also checking how toast catalogs the files.

      Any suggestions?

      The code attached is of the flv player
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          wiredsc1 Level 1
          SORRY!! Fixed it!!

          Realised it was down to the fact that Macs read cd file systems using colons (:) instead of forward slashes as in the operating system.

          Had to tell the swf file to read from the file using the entire address, including the disc name. So it read:

          ns.play("Disc Name:videos:mollaghans:mollaghans.flv");