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    Losing print presets when printing from Indesign


      We are a design team using an Olivetti d-color MF280 printer and we are having issues with the print dialog box not remembering the settings we have chosen.

      About 4 months ago when we updated our version of Indesign to the 2017 release and we are on Mac OS Sierra.


      Within the print dialogue box when we select options such as double sided, bind, which tray to print to, or which paper thickness it forgets what you have selected when you open up a different pane in the print dialogue. This makes it impossible to save a preset with certain attributes.


      The printer is quite old and we have the latest drivers installed, but those are years old.

      Our print technician has told us that the problem is probably because our printer is quite old and Indesign latest release doesn't support it anymore.


      Is there anything we can do to address the problem or is there any plans to add support for this printer in the next update?