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    FM-14: multi-code commands not working any more

    K.Daube Level 2

      I have just filed 2 bug reports

      FRMAKER-2807 Script can not set multiple document view properties

      FRMAKER-2808 Multi-code commands not working anymore

      All is fine until FM-13, but in FM-14 commands comprising muliple codes do not work correctly: only the first of multiple codes is executed.

      The bug report contains the procedure to verify the problem.


      Since years (aka FM 4) we have these menu meodifictions, first from Shlomo Perets, later from me which add, for exaple the commands PrintingView and EditingView. They define a set of view properties:

      EditingDisplay: Show Borders and Text Symbols (others are untouched)

      PrintingDisplay: Hide Borders, Rulers and Text Symbols; Show Graphics  (others are untouched)

      These two commands were used in tool bars.


      I first encountered the problem 2808 and wanted to use a script to bypass it...


      Klaus Daube